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God loves you. He isn't mad at you!

Have you lied recently?  Have you ever stolen anything?  Are you trying to cover something up?   Well, my friend, not to fret because God STILL loves you!  God doesn’t—and never will—approve of sin, but He does love sinners.  Seems crazy, right?!  Here’s the thing: sin is what separates us from God.  But the good news is that Jesus died for our sins which now gives you first dibs at knowing God’s scandalous love and His perpetual craving to have a relationship with you.  The beginning step to building your relationship with God is admitting that we have sinned against God and are in need of His lavish forgiveness. 

If you want the same kind of relationship with God that He so, so, so desires to have with you, pray this very simple prayer out loud: "God, you love me.  You are patient with me when I don’t deserve your patience.  You are kind to me even when I am unkind to people around me.  I need you in my life.  I believe in you.  I’m sorry for my sins.  I’m sorry about the way that I have been living.  I really, really need you.  I want you in my life.  I believe that Jesus Christ died for me.  He rose from the dead. He's alive today. Please take me just the way that I am. Please make me everything that You want me to be.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen."

Guess what?!  You have joined the fam!  You are heir to God's throne.  Take advantage of it!  You don't have to walk this new life alone.  Click here to share your story; we'd love the opportunity  to celebrate new life with you!

Moreover, remember this: religion does not lead to God.  In fact, religion separates us from Him.  Religion breeds wars.  Religion can make you look at God as the boss and you the employee.  Jesus makes God your father and you heir to God’s throne as his beloved child.   Religion says, ‘come to church and serve’.  Jesus says, "Go into the world and serve." (Mark 16:15)  God adores you!  And so do we.